Websites Making Money Profitable

Websites Making Money

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post and thank you in advance for reading it and seeing my offers below my signature and hopefully join in them. In this blog I am going to discuss about websites making money, idea about websites delivering traffic and money, mindset in the business, and conclusion.

Websites Making Money

You have heard and I have heard that websites making money as how is that it is easy. It isn’t that easy but you and I if we could work hard then we get search engines traffic and make the site with different keyword’s to rank in the google and get continuous flow of traffic.

To do that you and I need to have a word press site, then select what to promote as I do promote make money online programs as that is my niche and you select whatever you like as to promote Amazon products like baby toys and stick to that niche until you make it successful.

Idea about websites delivering traffic and money

How to get the website and ideas how to select a niche as below my signature there is a program called wealthy affiliate as join free and become a premium member to learn and earn more. The process of blogging learning and doing the work could take from one year to two years.

So, do not quit in soon as it takes one year and more and stay for two years and work hard to get results and do not quit. I am in the process of finding keyword’s to my niche and keep doing blogs each week.

Doing blogs correct is an art and you could ask questions in the process to the community members and if you join below me I could answer some of your queries if I have the knowledge of it.

For example if you have taken baby toys as your niche then you need to find profitable keyword’s in that niche to do blogs. These profitable keyword’s you learn from and get his uberhost tool which is good. Also, you could go to Fiverr dot com and get keyword’s as some people sell you.

Even blogging at times you want to get help as not one person how much he or she could write as I know myself and get to hire a writer from the Fiverr dot com and pay them with instructions on how to do a blog.

Now you have begun the process and do blogging and same keyword not to repeat is the hint or near to it do not use and use different keyword’s. How to get profitable keyword’s as you search in the you tube or go to Fiverr dot com and find the expert to help you.

Fiverr dot com is very handy to the new comers and as you go you would learn too. Keep in mind that weekly four to five blogs is good, but if you want to do fast then hire the writer to pay them to do few blogs for you.

The process of google crawling your pages do begin and you will get indexed and to get it ranked and good traffic to your site as this is what we are discussing when the site gets traffic. If you have done 100 blogs in six months and in one year or more you may see results as stick to the process for two years.

The keyword’s rich and blogs done in 100 to 150 blogs could produce results as be positive and there is a lot of work as that isn’t easy as have patience, positive mind and work in your website whenever you want without getting tired.

Mindset in the business

As the word says your mindset and consistent work in this journey is important. If you are a stay at home person then you have a lot of time and dedicate few hours each day consistently.


To conclude follow the above path and begin your journey for the websites making money and give a time frame of two years. Allow the business expenses and after two years you could be earning good with your hard work if done correctly as don’t be anxious and if you don’t understand please find out the answer.

I wish you success and see my below programs to join and support me as that would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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