Website That Pay You for work.

Website That Pay You

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post. In this I am going to discuss about website that pay you, business finance and funds, and conclusion.

Website That Pay You

What do you understand by the word website that pay you. Is that a website simply pays, no it is not the question as you have two choices here. First have a good landing page, connect it to autoresponder and buy traffic like solo advertising. If anyone buys, then you earn money. This is one way of doing it.

The second way of doing is join the wealthy affiliate free and take the premium as the link is below to join. Then you get a word press blog website and they teach you how to do blogging. While doing blogging you must select the profitable keywords as many get lost here but learn more below.

You do one blog per keyword. This you get from competitor website as go to and get their uberhost and tell them you need keywords as they guide you. As your niche is for example health and you get a competitor website and get their keywords. Out of those keywords you see search engine difficulty low as per ubherhost tool and do blogs with those keywords.

Make a list of those keywords. The other way is go to Fiverr dot com and type it in profitable keywords as find the seller who is a seo expert and give your niche website like above example health and give your website too and ask them different profitable keywords other than you have already used.

In that way they will help you. The blogging you do 150 blogs in one year as you may get tired at times and then hire a writer from the Fiverr do com to do ten or 15 blogs for you as they charge 10 dollars per blog I guess so. So they do 15 for you and you do 15 in a month then you have done 30 blogs on your journey to 150 blogs.

You will be giving one year plus for this search engine optimization to pick up and give you rewards as just to let you know. Once google rewards your honest work according to the policies and procedures what you have learned from the wealthy affiliate and neilpatel dot com then you are on your way to success.

Business finance and funds

As the word suggests you need to pay your bills until your business develops revenue for you as have funds and keep the card in the available money to pay your subscriptions. Once you generate revenue then you will get funds to your life.


To conclude I wish you success my friend and see below my signature my websites as support me in joining one or all of them, thank you.

Kind Regards,


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