top ways to make money from home

top ways to make money from home

Dear Friend good morning and welcome back. My name is Shahid, 59 years old, what I do work tell you to join and work to to make money online. Imagine the beach on the top as you could take time to go there and have time and financial freedom working from home correctly.

What is correctly I mean dedication to treat the work from home by learning skills and do what others do and do your part to put up the work each day to earn money. The time you should not worry like weekly paid job as in the business it takes few months to build it up before you could earn income from your business.

Having that mindset is utmost important and dedication is equally important. Apart from that the fees and expenses of your business like joining the programs and pay monthly fee or one time fee is very essential too.

Top ways to to make money from home

There may be different ways as some open a shopify store and put up products from Amazon to sell it. You could do that in the Wealthy Affiliate too. But I would call that first to choose a niche business means a field you want to do business like to make money online is a niche, health is a niche, baby toys is a niche, sports is broad but golf game is a niche.

I would prefer Affiliate marketing and in that I have chosen to make money online and health. It is supposed to be one only but I have chosen two as focus on one only in the beginning. I am focusing one only to make money online now.

My Affiliate Marketing I do

Yes as I said earlier I do say I like the Affliate Marketing.

Let me show you what I do as 1) Wealthy Affiliate , 2) List Lion , and 3) Onpassive.

Wealthy Affiliate is a good program free to join as click here to join and become a premium member soon. The free member gets only ten lessons and a premium member gets fifty lessons plus keyword research tool plus earn more while promoting wealthy affiliate commissions.

This is good wealthy affiliate because its training s shows you how to select a niche, get the website here as per the niche, and learn how to get the traffic from the search engines. A fantastic product guys comes with traffic to your business offer/s.

List Lion is a good program for seven dollars as click here to join and pay seven dollars low amount to be in it. This is an email traffic as all your offers including wealthy affiliate you do promote here and if someone buys it you make a commission.

Email marketing is powerful friends and growing that list each month is very important and that is why List Lion helps you to grow your list. For all marketers say 5000 to 10000 subscribers list is needed and if you haven’t got it start your journey apart from being in Wealthy Affiliate too.

Onpassive welcome and click here to register free and soon check your email from and note down login info and save it and login to pay one time fee only to be a Founder Today. This is one time fee here and later you pay to be its customer for one time fee. So two times one time fee and no monthly fee here.

Why Onpassive as it is hands free income as no need to work here. If you get some customers as not needed but you do earn more. This is an information technology company with offices in USA, India, Dubai, Singapore, Bangladesh and more to come. The products are needed by marketers, businesses, and public.

Therefore, it was good as you have seen my offers good right as comes with traffic first wealthy affiliate, then email traffic List Lion and Onpassive is fully automated comes with traffic. This traffic is very important to to make money online friends. I want you to join in all of them and work in them to earn multiple incomes.

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a real way to make money from home

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