Top Ways Earn Money Online

top ways earn money online

Hello Friend Good Morning and welcome back to my blog post. My name is Shahid, I am 59 years old from Toronto in Canada and I do work full time from home. Let us talk about top ways earn money online, the the best way earn money online, give your business the time to grow, have some finances to your business, and dedicate with work ethic each day.

Top Ways Earn Money Online

Well there may be top ways to earn as say drop shipping as have a shopify store or blog, if someone orders and send you money and you then know the product vendor and order to them and give the customer address to send to them as this is one way of doing business.

The easy way to earn online is “Affiliate Marketing” as in this case compared to the drop shipping on top, I do not need to get the money first and go to the vendor and pay to send the product to the seller. In this case the vendor does all for me and pay me some percentage of commissions.

Talking on this very percentage of commissions as you see offers that pay at least 50% commissions or more than that minimum keep in the mind for you to earn some decent amount in money.

Give your business the time to grow

This is a point where a lot of people do not know and quit after two months. Respected friends to build any business work each day for about six months as this is your ” Business Building Stage” and later when it grows in then you get profits.

To give your business also need traffic and consistent traffic. I will talk about them in my affiliate offers below as you see how advantageous they are because paid advertising like sources you may know are constant flow of money to advertising which we do minimize in my offers as some time we do but minimize it.

have some finances to your business

You need to have program monthly costs, free your mind from your food and house costs for six months to one year as you shouldn’t be thinking in two months I need money to pay bills else you think the opportunity doesn’t work or scam. Please if you need that job type income it is good to have a job and work in the home business in part-time or if you could manage life then pay full focus and attention in your business.

Dedicate with work ethic each day

As the words above say this dedication of hard work at least few hours per day on the continuous basis for about six months to one year is required. When you get results do not stop as put time in your business to grow more.

My great offers for you to consider and join as I do in all of them

List Lion , Wealthy Affiliate and Onpassive I do and recommend for you these three offers.

List Lion as click to join here for seven dollars and more upgrades inside. It is an email marketing as you know everyday you check emails and when you have a good list you email your offer once a week scheduled to show on week days. Join in the above and earn here being affiliate and have traffic to your business offers.

Wealthy Affiliate as Join Free here click and be a premium member soon as highly recommended. This is again teaches you to select your business in niche, promote that business to get traffic in search engines with blogs based on keywords, you could do blogs few yourself and outsource few in the beginning to build your business fast. Join here as you learn traffic method while blogging and earn money as affiliate good.

Onpassive click here to join as a Founder as Register Free and Login to pay One time fee only to be a founder. Later you would join as a Customer by paying one time fee. The whole package is affordable and no monthly payments and no more up sell payments here.

Onpassive is an Information technology company with offices worldwide, there are over 1 million founders worldwide and all of them become its customers and they pay a profit share to all of us.


To Conclude just see what I have discussed above, Join in my all affiliate programs, have time to dedicate your business few hours per day, have some finances, treat your business more than your office work as you are the manager and staff to get the money earning goals you need in your life. I wish you success if you apply what you do learn in the above on the daily basis.

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best way earn money online

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