To Make Money With Online Business

to make money with online business

To make money with online business

Respected Friend in order to make money with online business there are certain factors related to it. The first one let us talk on the mindset as you would definitely know the employer and employee mindset as work for one week and get paid in your account each week. This is not you want for your entire life and you want time freedom and money freedom, and hence do make certain sacrifices.

The first sacrifice is give up the mindset if you are serious to make money with online business. Then to make money here first install the foundation stone. To train you in the best foundation for your online career Wealthy affiliate is awesome as join free here and become a premium member affordable monthly payment as don’t give up on this one and continue for lifetime.

Having talked about the mindset as above the next important thing is don’t connect this to make money online to your life money needs as for example you must have your set up for rent, food and life. Well you may say I am not rich then comes with only choice do the JOB. Then you may say I don’t like my JOB then have the life expenses set up and jump here to work hard as the first six months do not expect big income while working hard each day for that period honestly.

Now you are working in the above Wealthy Affiliate which is good, and I want you to make money and recommend Onpassive Program. This is one time for founder payment and one time for being a customer payment. An automated business which does build income for you by doing nothing, but if you get some customers you do earn more money. Join Onpassive to become a Founder by paying One Time Fee Here.

If you do follow me until here and got wealthy affiliate and Onpassive you are on the right track as I have these two and the below one too. If you haven’t joined then stop here as do that and come back to read further.

Then the most third important component for the marketers and online business owners to make money is to OWN THE LIST. This means you have the EMAIL LIST with THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN YOUR LIST where you tell them good products from click bank dot com and even promote your Onpassive and Wealthy affiliate to that customers.

Having the LIST is utmost important and I am in the above programs and as well for the list purpose I am in the below program too. Join the LIST LION for as low as SEVEN Dollars and Upgrade to grow your list rapidly. Join List Lion Here.

I am pretty being honest with you my friend if you follow me so far and have those three programs to change your life.

Now since you have Wealthy Affiliate learns from their trainings and if you are a premium member there you do get a KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL as get it and research keywords in the make money online area and be prepared to write blogs. As you do write blogs you would learn how to target the keywords as the above heading bold words are my keywords. I am helping you to learn.

If you say I don’t know how to write BLOGS then NO PROBLEM as go to FIVERR and OUTSOURCE as writers do write for you 600 words blog for dollar ten and some more. Get in a month ten blogs and publish it. I do suggest you to come out of fear please do write yourself few blogs and few outsource is good for you.

Finally my friend as I gave you my criteria as what is required to make money online as first leave the employee and employer mindset and come to an online entrepreneur mindset, work hard for six months in the above programs like wealthy affiliate as list building your promote your offers and it builds list by itself as you learn after joining there and onpassive builds itself income for you, and work in your business each day. I wish you success as if you apply what I have told you as it is my well wishes to help you in my experience of life of twenty years working from home.

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