The Real Ways To Make Money Online

The real ways to make money online

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post. My name is Shahid, I am 59 years old, and I do work from home to earn money to my life. My passion is to help the people to earn income online as I will talk in this blog the real ways to make money online, the work ethic and money, and conclusion.

The real ways to make money online

There are many ethical ways to work and earn money online. One way is to have a shopify store to sell any of your own products or list products from other suppliers and when someone orders it they pay you and you order and ship them to their address. This has a responsibility on you to take the payment and order the stuff.

The other way is to have money as dealing with Forex and Stocks Trading as there is a disclaimer in those opportunities sometimes they say you may lose your capital. The risk factor is there as not all trades are winning trades and you must win some and have ability to lose some. Some folks earn as they lose some trades and win most trades that comes with experience and learning.

I would prefer Affiliate Marketing and in this I have seen some do promoting click bank products in the Facebook spend hundreds in paid advertising. I have been there and thought it is not for my budget so I have chosen less cost effective and best ways to do Affiliate Marketing.

I do Wealthy Affiliate, List Lion and Onpassive programs which are low in cost and good in earning money as off course you need to work in the Wealthy Affiliate each week few sets of hours to do blogging and you must like it as it gives search engine traffic and which would make you earn sales and income.

Wealthy Affiliate is join free as click here to join free and take premium to learn more and earn more with your good training’s and when you take the premium you would get a jaaxy keyword research tool which is a must to find the good keywords to do blogs. These blogs you could do yourself and hire a writer from Fiverr too as I do myself as so many blogs to write my friend.

List lion for Seven dollars to join and click here to join and more upgrades to build your email list fast and earn money. The email list is very important for any marketer and you do promote your offers to your list.

Onpassive as click here to register free and become a Founder with the login details sent when you register free. You and I do need to become a founder and then a customer by paying one time fee only. The company does all the job in marketing, building teams and making income for us as this company helps us.

The work ethic and money

Many of us in the beginning would say I will work hard, but after a while when immediate money not coming then tend to lose the interest. This you must keep in mind and not to lose the interest as building any business needs time from three months to six months. Then after six months with your daily hard work you and I could earn some income and money keeps coming to us.

Finally, to conclude I have given you good affiliate opportunities as the links give in the sentences to join, told you about certain businesses as risk and work too, and the best are my offer’s given above to join and work as I am writing this blog means I am working to get my blog noticed and see and get traffic to my links and if people do like what I do say then they may join my offers.

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Wealthy Affiliate  ,

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