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Surveys For Cash Canada & Affiliate Earning

Dear friend welcome to my blog post as my name is Shahid, I am 59 years, and stay in Toronto in Canada. I do work from home to make some affiliate income. I am going to talk for surveys for cash in Canada, affiliate opportunities, things needed to work at home, my offers overview, and conclusion.

Surveys For Cash Canada

Doing surveys from the home as it takes each day time. Finding a survey that pays is a task and you and I need to join a lot of survey companies to do surveys. I am giving you a link below as to find these companies to join as click here to find the survey companies.

As I have said you and I need to register some 10 to 20 survey companies, give an email separately for that work, and keep doing surveys. Keep an eye as you are benefiting or not from them. I did a lot before as some people are successful but I did not succeed honestly my friend.

Affiliate opportunities

like the Affiliate Opportunities and in that the main one is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is free to join and taking a premium memberships is advisable to learn more and earn more. This program teaches you select a business niche, get the search engine traffic, and earn money in six months to one year time.

As you do blogging and from the time you did your quality blogs it takes six months to one year for the search engines to recognize you and reward you for your effort. So make your content a quality content and don’t worry if you are not a good writer.

My suggestion is you do start writing blogs slowly as you develop and you could hire a writer from the Fiverr dot com by paying them and instruct them how to do blogs.

Do you know a website with quality blogs after one year could earn good revenue in thousands. The number of posts to be around 100 in one year time as accomplish this goal and hire a writer to help you.

Apart from it I do List lion an email marketing and Onpassive. List lion is seven dollars to join and more upgrades inside. Onpassive is two one time fee as one time fee to be a Founder and one time fee to be a customer in this informational technology products company which is automated to work for us and pay us.

Things needed to work at home

Affiliate marketing is not a job as if you are with that mindset then it is hard to succeed here. This is a business as it takes time to build your business anywhere from six months to one year of hard work either part-time or full time. You are requested to spend five to six hours or more per day to your success.

This business entrepreneur mindset is very important my friends and read some books on business mindset and work here. It takes time and if you do it correctly you and I would be rewarded after one year as this is the time of hard work needed here my friends.

The business needs some money as have some financing for one year as this could be from the low range $200 to $500 per month. This amount is to pay the program fees, have tools to our business, and pay some paid advertising or pay blog writers to help us in our journey of one year to get success.


Therefore, I do conclude as I did survey’s online and not made any money. You could try yourself and then I did my affiliate marketing journey and I did make some money, but I am now on the good programs hoping to make good income with search engine traffic and email marketing traffic and fully done for me traffic.

The main thing is this traffic as you see below wealthy affiliate gives search engine traffic, List lion gives email traffic to you. On top of that Onpassive gives their own traffic to you. I wish you good luck and urge you to join one or all the programs below.

Kind regards,


> Join Wealthy Affiliate free here and take premium membership is very good to earn more and learn more.

> Join Jaaxy free with Wealthy Affiliate or Take Separately here

> List Lion email auto list builder and earn income as join for seven dollars only

> Onpassive two one time fee as first become a Founder and ask support when to become a Customer. This is it to earn money here and give one year time after to earn each month.

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