Student Earn Cash-Why Not?

Student Earn Cash

Dear Friend welcome to my blog post and hope you have a good morning and good day. In this post I am going to discuss student earn cash, what it needs to earn cash, your spare time and time to develop income, and conclusion.

The reality in the online world to make money as there are so many ways and one of the way I would tell you as I like the most is called the Affiliate Marketing.

Student Earn Cash

Student earn cash as I want the student to earn cash. At the moment you may be thinking how as a student I would be making money without money. Well I would suggest the Wealthy Affiliate as join free and become a paid member to begin your journey.

In this Wealthy Affiliate you would get good education on how to select your liked business, how to build a website and few hours from now on for the next year your site could be earning free traffic for you and the affiliate links you put people would click and interested to buy then they buy and you get some income.

To be short wealthy affiliate to join as borrow some money or if you have good. How much to be good for each month is around $100 to $200 is good for a minimum.

The new website if you start today as learning process could take one month, the second month you could be blogging, and it takes few more months for your blogs to get indexed and ranked. I suggest not to repeat the same keyword many times as it is bad for the google to fight each keyword within your site.

This you could learn a bit more from the wealthy affiliate if you join here, but wealthy affiliate is good and a must for getting the website as they host the speed website and more than several thousand members are here from different countries.

What it needs to earn cash

Your time and some financing to you business as ask friends or your parents to fund you. Please tell them when you earn money you would like to repay them back. Also tell you are doing some amazing product promotion with your own website as people do click on the google, see it, and when they buy you earn.

Your spare time and time to develop income

You are a student right or at home stay parent or mom. If you could spare one month in learning and doing what you have learned is good. It takes for you to set up website, do blogs correctly, not repeat the same keywords, find new keywords from extra sources is a task.

If you say some three months taken in the above and then it is easier for you as you know how to find new keywords and blog either yourself or you know this source Fiverr dot com to hire a writer and instruct how do a blog for you.

My programs below and mindset in the affiliate marketing

I am in Wealthy Affiliate to join free and take a premium membership. I am a premium member and I do get jaaxy their free keyword research tool. I am also a member in the neilpatel dot com to learn more on new keyword research and it is needed.

It is predicted if you do 50 to 100 blogs in six to nine months with your own effort and the effort of a writer from the Fiverr dot com, then it takes another six months google to index and rank your website. After that point your traffic and some sales do come to you earn money in one year and plus few months.

It is predicted that good quality blog posts could get you good money after one year. Then you have the choices to develop another site or better the one you have to do more blogs and earn more in the next year.

List lion is my another program as email marketing and it builds the list. It is seven dollars to join and the link is below my signature.

Onpassive is another wonderful informational technology products company that pays to join with two one time fees. One time fee to be a founder and then one time fee to be its customer as that is it and they do all marketing and after one year you have each month income to withdraw and bank to your account.


Therefore to conclude as have time and money to do the business in part-time or full time. Then spend some money and time to do business as per the training s correctly. Your traffic sources blogging and email marketing is good and my links below my signature to join and appreciate it for joining.

Kind Regards,


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