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starting a work from home business

According to my experience to join any business and do any business the first thing that comes is afford to pay the opportunity cost and advertising costs. Now I am presenting you wealthy affiliate though it is free to check it out but a premium membership is highly recommended which is around $50 per month. This is your cost then you need to pay for the website which is around $25 yearly.

Now to promote wealthy affiliate you have blogging as two ways to success as I do teach as writing is not everyone’s hobby as don’t worry and go to Fiverr dot com and come across a good writer there and give 2 jobs each to him and tell the keywords on the blog to develop. This keyword tool is handy comes free when you have premium membership in the wealthy affiliate as join free and soon take the premium and if you take yearly membership you do save some money.

work from home based business

I am going to introduce the Onpassive work from home business as it is 100% automated meaning you and I don’t need to do advertising, do marketing, and any job at all except if you get some customers to them you earn more money. They pay profit sharing as this is a first time in the human history.

What is onpassive an Information Technology products company with offices in USA and Hyderabad and Singapore and many places to come. They have the products for marketers, businesses, and big companies. They have a payroll product for example like O Staff. To join Onpassive first be a founder for $97 one time fee and then a customer one time fee of around $250 as join as a founder first here.

The beauty of this company it is not asking each month fees which is a relief for you and me. The subsequent payments they do take from our income for doing advertising. They do advertising for us and build our teams and income by artificial intelligence technology. Join Onpassive here and be a founder for a mere $97 and wait later to become a customer for around $250 as your out-of-pocket expense is around $350 one time only and in the business to earn each year money.

It is predicted that Onpasive pays approximately $6000 after one year of its launch to the founders as income as a disclaimer is there income is not guaranteed but this is the possibility of income because the products are of mass use and many customers do come to join. In the beginning itself Onpassive founders are over 1 million and all of them would become customers of Onpassive as imagine after one year how many customers would come and revenue generated.

I would like to point out to any business joining person as there are many distractions on your way as keep the distractions minimum and focus in any business for at least one year to earn money and work hard there. It is okay to have two or three income giving businesses and do not join more because when you don’t promote and send traffic then no sales and no income for you and me.

The above Onpassive is fully automated a boon for the people and Wealthy affiliate you drive automated traffic if you do blogging as each week 3 blogs and each month 12 blogs and each year 144 blogs in keyword rich nature. This you would need Wealthy affiliate training/s as join above and some of your work to research in Jaaxy their free tool comes with premium membership and that is why I told you to be a premium member in the wealthy affiliate.

Finally friends as you need a business to join, see you could pay their fees, after that have some ongoing costs of business like advertising and tools like autoresponder, then give a steady work for six months to one year without quitting as put in work to see results and get success in life. Again my recommended businesses are Wealthy Affiliate as join free to see and become a premium member and Join Onpassive fully automated business as pay to be a Founder One time and Customer One time.

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work from home business

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  1. Abel says:

    I have always wanted to work from home. And this pandemic has made me consider the pros of having my headquarters at home and I am excited to give it a try. Onpassive seem like a great way to get my foot in the door about generating revenue online. I am excited about getting started. Thank you!


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