Self Employed Jobs Home Good

Self Employed Jobs Home

Dear Friends Good Morning and welcome to my blog post. My name is Shahid, 59 years old, from Toronto in Canada and work at times from home to earn some income. In this post I will discuss about self-employed jobs home, how to do them and expect from it, and conclusion.

Self Employed Jobs Home

Welcome to being self-employed and be your own boss. The first ever thing I wish to tell you as you might have done a job like me as getting paid each week or each month. This thing remove from your mind that being an entrepreneur you need to have a website and establish a website before earning profits.

Having said the above the process takes the time of your effort each day, to the six months time to one year to see any profits are rolling to you and be clear on that point.

What type of self-employed jobs as if you have some skills like writing skill or some technical skill go to Fiverr dot com and register yourself as if you get a job then do it good and get paid. This is one way to earn money. There are many ways to earn money like drop shipping, amazon, and affiliate marketing.

If you do affiliate marketing you are covered as you could do even amazon promotion too. This affiliate business model is good as sell it and earn money. To sell it you and I need to earn traffic. This traffic could be done in many ways and one easy way is doing blogging which you would learn in the wealthy affiliate.

Blogging is a skill as how to select the type of business you like to do, then how to select the perfect low range keywords to get traffic, have the keyword research tool, and your English ability if you are educated in the college level English then it is fine as follow the essay style in doing the blogs.

You are going to get writers from the Fiverr dot com if you have no time to do blogs for you as you just give them keywords and instructions to do blogs. Please remember in the blogs 80 percent good informational content and 20 percent about your offer and link is allowed and good.

I have given below my signature wealthy affiliate link as join free to get free website and do blogging. It is advisable to get premium membership as you do get free keyword tool and more education to succeed as an entrepreneur, so take the premium membership as each month around 49 dollars only.

How to do them and expect from it

As I have said my friend a business is a business and not get paid weekly or monthly job. In this business one need to put up the work and with your hard work each day then you could get some results after six months or more some returns as don’t give up if it is little longer in time too.

There are many people do earn money from home and all of them put time and money and given months to a year or more to start earning continuously.


Therefore I do conclude as to be an entrepreneur and self-employed follow the above steps to your journey and accept the fact as there are no weekly and monthly salary here, but a business income and to get that you and I need to make the business in which we are to work and make it successful. Please see my programs below and join.

Kind Regards,


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