Real Ways Make Money Home

Real Ways Make Money Home

Dear Friend Good Morning and Shahid is welcoming you to his blog post. In this I would like to talk on real ways make money home, traffic to the business, mindset and my programs, and conclusion.

Real Ways Make Money Home

What could be the real ways means the program to be a legitimate business, few years in the business, and pays you and I commission regularly. A program could be an affiliate program or amazon program if you like to work. I would like to tell you the commission you make pay focus as see how much you make.

For example there are programs from the click bank dot com that pay for the informational products and some real weight loss products commissions anywhere from 75%. The commissions in amazon is less than 10% and select a few hundred dollars products as your niche to promote to earn a sizable commission.

The above is just an example as many new comers are confused when they join what I am going to promote as I have given you below my signature Wealthy affiliate as this program solves that question as what I am going to promote to earn money and at the same time focus as I have said earlier your commissions to be good.

Traffic to the business

This is very important as without traffic I and you cannot make money. I have presented wealthy affiliate below as it teaches search engine traffic. I do focus on that traffic method, email marketing traffic and other traffic exchange display advertising traffic. You could do Facebook traffic too, but I don’t recommend if you have low budget as it is minimum $10 per day and you must learn a lot to do Facebook advertising the right way as have someone to teach you by paying them.

Mindset and my programs

The real way to talk on the mindset is folks as you go through your business many issues do come and income immediately do not come and many folks quit to do another business. This has to be avoided as have patience for six months and keep in mind this is your business building phase and do not quit and give up as this is what I am referring to you as do not give up.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join program as click here and be a premium member soon. A program gives education to select your business and teaches you how to get search engine traffic with optimization.

List lion as click here to join for seven dollars as it is building your email list and promote your offers to your list and when they buy you and I earn commission.

Onpassive is a good program as they handle traffic for us but you do send some traffic recommended earning more. First you join as a Founder with one time fee and later as a customer with one time fee. This is an information technology company with products for marketers, businesses and public.


I do conclude as affiliate marketing is the best way if you are looking for the real ways make money home, and see my programs above linked and below in the signature to join, work consistently and earn money.

Kind Regards,


1) Wealthy Affiliate join free and take premium membership to learn more and earn more

2) list lion an email list building program as join for seven dollars and more upgrades inside

3) Onpassive fully automated program inclusive of traffic as do nothing to earn as join first as a Founder and then later as a Customer with one time fee only. After few months you earn money and get that money to your bank account.

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