Powerful Methods Making Money Online

Methods Making Money Online

Dear Friend Good Morning and Welcome Back to my blog post. My name is Shahid, 59 years old, live in Toronto and work full time from home to make money online. My passion to help you to get started in good money making businesses as you check out links below my signature and join in one and all of them. In the below let me tell you about the methods making money online.

Methods Making Money Online

There are numerous methods to make money online and let me tell you few like drop shipping and trading in the forex and stocks as many would do those methods. It is not necessary to join in them as you must have the finance, courage and ability to do those offers and like those offers. Apart from it I would walk through the liked method of Affiliate Marketing.

Drop shipping business as you do know the vendor who has that product and in stock and you do promote in the online like shopify store and if someone buys it then you do collect the money, then go to that supplier and order the product with the customer address to ship to them. This is drop shipping and you must have interest to do this business to succeed.

Forex and stock trading you must have money and if you lose what you can don’t feel sad as the losing money in trades and earning by winning the trades to make money is common here. If you have low capital and no courage to lose the money then this is not for you. In the beginning you would get the training and begin your journey.

If you think the above two methods Ah sounds good as no money in forex drop shipping I am lazy to order and keep buying the items to deliver the customer and tell me more interesting method please. Welcome to the field of Affiliate Marketing which I do and recommend you to do as it is an interesting method.

Affiliate marketing is good method as all you do is promote your products to get the good traffic and earn money when your traffic buys the product and withdraw those commissions. All other job is done by the vendor to whom you and I are affiliated to as the only job for you and me is to drive the traffic.

My Affiliate Programs Good and Traffic Driving Capacity

Wealthy affiliate is good program as you find the link in the below signature to join free and become a premium member with the affordable monthly fee or yearly fee for you. This program teaches you to select the product to promote and teaches you how to drive the search engine traffic.

List lion is another traffic source to as join below under my signature with seven dollars and more affordable upgrades to build your list fast. It is recommended to have a list of 5000 to 10000 subscribers to mail your offers including wealthy affiliate and earn money when someone buys from those mailings.

I am pretty sure you watch emails many times in a day and this is what all marketers do to send emails. I am also pretty sure as many times you buy those offers to click and buy too and this is how people who do promote that is you and I if we do and earn money.

Onpassive is self driven business which comes with traffic as all you and I do is to pay one time fee to become a Founder and pay another one time fee to become a customer. This is affordable around 300 dollars one time fee only. Onpassive is an information technology company with products to the marketers, businesses and the public.

Onpassive does share profit sharing to you and me and withdraw those profits. This is like a big Amazon company with over 1 million founders worldwide and all are waiting to become its customers and earn money automatically. 

Therefore, please see the links to my programs if you are interested in my signature below and request you to join in one and all of them, thank you.


1) Join Weathy Affiliate Free and become a premium member to earn more and get more training’s

2) List Lion join for seven dollars and more upgrades to build your list fast inside

3) Onpassive join as register free, check your email, note down login information to save and login to pay one time fee to become a founder today.

Methods Making Money Online

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