Online Marketing Earn Money For You

Online Marketing Earn Money

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post. Hope you are having a good day and let us talk about online marketing earn money, good affiliate programs to join, and earning money mindset.

Online Marketing Earn Money

First of all online marketing is different from to earn money. Let us know online marketing which includes social media organic marketing, blog marketing as I do blog now, Facebook paid marketing, google ads paid marketing, display advertising and email marketing as I know some.

The purpose of marketing is to earn money as you get a landing page with the link of your affiliate program and follow guidelines if you advertise in Facebook advertising as you must be aware Facebook paid advertising is not that easy.

You can watch videos how to do Facebook advertising or better hire a guy to teach you and read Facebook guidelines to do advertising correctly without a mistake cause Facebook would not allow if you don’t follow their guidelines and put your account advertising on restriction.

Also you must see the programs you are affiliated to as they allow what types of advertising and follow their program owner rules. Apart from that a Facebook ad per day say a minimum of ten dollars per day and for 30 days you must have that budget of money. For the same landing page people put two advertisement targeting different interests of the people.

Facebook organic search is fine as you post your advertisement on you wall or story places or feed. Well you must try organic too as add friends to have as Facebook allows for 5000 friends and keep in engaging to their posts by saying positive words and they would engage in your posts and if they like they may buy it too.

The best thing is to give your earning proof and ask them to contact you to know more about the program. The earning proofs are very hot and it would give an encouragement for the person to contact you as how you are earning money online in your program.

My good affiliate programs as links under signature

Well folks I have referred above about Facebook as that is a traffic source, email list is a traffic source, having a website and blogs in it as the blogs are the traffic source, and paid solo advertising is a traffic source. The good traffic sources few of them and good hits to your landing page would get sales and income and that called online earning in an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a good program as free to join and be a premium member soon to earn more and learn more. The link is under my signature as this gives you a niche or interest to select and then you develop blogs to give traffic to your website free from the search engines and you learn from that program more.

List lion is an email list building program as the link below under signature to join for seven dollars and more upgrades inside to upgrade to build a list fast. Having a list of 10000 subscribers is your traffic source and each week you promote anything you like to your list including wealthy affiliate and list lion too.

Onpassive is an automated program as they do the traffic for us from their company as it is not to worry about traffic here. To join onpassive first you do join as a founder with one time fee and then as a customer with one time fee as no monthly fee here. This is an information technology company with products to marketers, businesses, and the public.

Earning money mindset

This is very important as treat this as your own business and own company. You are not joining today to quit after two months as the rule is six months business building time to work each day hard to build your business and hopefully you may see some rewards of handwork do come to you after six months. So don’t quit and keep working as one year handwork you may get income to your life good.

Also spends some money for your business and each month spend to advertise as you do blogs for example and sometimes hire a writer from the Fiver to do blogs for you to grow your website fast and give you more hits to get sales and income. Blog writing is a talent which you would learn from the Wealthy Affiliate below.

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1) Join Wealthy Affiliate Free and Upgrade to Premium to earn more and learn more.

2) Join List Lion for seven dollars and take inside more upgrades to build your list fast

3) Join Onpassive as register free, soon check your email and note down to save your login information and login to pay one time fee to be a founder now. Later you will be asked to become a customer by the company as that is not yet now.

Online marketing earn money

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