Make Money Online Legitimate

make money online legitimate

Make Money Online Legitimate

I was thinking why do people tell it is legitimate company to work with ? The answer to the question is how many years that a company in operation as say three to five years, does it pay commissions to its affiliates, and the business is as per the law and legal way to do it. If you analyze the above, then you are good in that company to work with them.

My  online businesses

As to the preceding, I work in good legitimate companies namely 1) Wealthy Affiliate, 2) List lion, and 3) Onpassive. Why do anyone need more to work with is well more income ways is good in life. Also, one company pays good and the other pays low as manage them all. Apart from it some companies do serve as advertising to other offers like the List Lion.

Wealthy Affiliate is a free to join program with ten free lessons. If you become their upgraded member like the premium you do get fifty lessons to learn more, be a professional business person, and get their keywords research tool free.

Wealthy Affiliate is good for a new or experienced business people. They teach you how to select a business niche if you don’t have. Then how to build your word press site, and then how to drive search engine traffic to your website by doing blogs.

The blogs you could do either yourself I do recommend as you do write few a week and you could hire a writer from the outsource called Fiverr dot com to hire a writer as pay them and they do write when you give them details as focus keyword, your opportunities name and some info needed in your blog. Join below .

> Click to Join Wealthy Affiliate Free and Upgrade Soon To Benefit More

List lion is an email marketing program and it builds the list automatically. You could start with dollar seven minimum and see more ways inside to upgrade and build your list fast. Why do we need a List is in a week three or four times email your list with your offers as that serves as a traffic and sometimes sales for us to make some commissions.

What is the size of list that we need as for the beginner’s focus on 5000 subscribers list first and eventually grow to 10,000 subscriber’s list which is good.

> Join List Lion for Dollar Seven and Upgrade Inside to develop your list fast and earn more.

Onpassive is a fully automated program as no need to do any job at all as just become a Founder by paying one time fee and then later become a Customer by paying the fee. They generate the team for you and build income for you in one year’s time. This is information technology company with products for the marketer’s, businesses, and the public.

This company is going to be very big as Amazon and do give profit sharing to us.

> Join Onpassive as register free, check your email , note down details and login to pay one time fee.

Mindset and money needed to make money online in the above

The mindset and money to do business is needed respecting friends. You need this mindset to work each day in your business and build it up to generate revenues for you. The money could be to pay the fees of the above programs and maintain it for the period say one year before you earn any profits from your business. Don’t worry if you work hard the money would come to you and me, so do the hard work friend.

Your situations of life as they are take advantage to work from home

I don’t know about your situations, as my situation I am 59 years old and need to work for money. I better prefer work from home to make money and hence I do recommend people of the great program’s I am involved in the above and tell them to join in one or all of them to make money online.

Conclusion of thoughts

To conclude as put the pieces of the puzzle as described above and work on them as no piece should be missed if you want to be successful including the daily hard work piece of the puzzle. I wish you success and you will succeed as have the mindset, little money to your business, and work relentlessly for the first six months to build your business before you see profits coming to you with your hard work. God bless us all with health and money.

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