Make Money Online Immediately

make money online immediately

Make Money Online Immediately

Folks to make money immediately you need to have an opportunity you do promote, have a landing page like click funnels which cost $99 per month, and spend money on Solo Advertising by buying clicks say minimum 300 clicks for 60 cents per click.

What is that going to happen you develop an email list as you could email the subscribers and sometimes one or two sign ups but not guaranteed. This is what it works and people make this with the intention to make an email list.

I will talk about the email list in my below under the signature a program called List Lion which builds your email list on auto pilot. To Join there $7 to try it out and join VIP to have leads on auto pilot as 750 contacts added to you each month and then you email your list with your offers and someone buys you earn money.

On the contrary to the above as it is good, the other way to build your business is to build your website with free search engine traffic. This you get the link in the below signature to join the Wealthy Affiliate. This teaches you how to get a website, learn the lessons to drive search engine traffic and keywords tool free with the premium membership.

This niche site you need to build yourself. What is niche means interest to promote as my interest to promote make money online so my niche is that one. Be careful as many chose Amazon to promote as it pays low commission and your product value must be more to make some decent commissions.

Apart from that I do promote Onpassive which is a huge information technology products business as their products are for marketers, businesses and the public. The link is under my signature to consider and join.

Traffic to make money online important

Traffic is very important as landing page connected to the list with auto responder messages and buy solo advertising and if someone joins you make money and also build a list of subscribers to email them.

The other way of traffic is search engine free traffic which you would learn in the Wealthy Affiliate as the link is below my signature to join and work in it.

If you ask me what I do as I do both and spend a lot less in the solo advertising as I do see my budgets to have money to pay them. On the other way I have a list lion a list building program under my signature to join if you want to build a list and email them each week as every marketer does the same job.

Mindset and daily work ethic is important

Why is this mindset as remove from the mind as most of us are coming from monthly paid checks and weekly paid checks by working for an employer. This does not work in the business. A business has to be established and traffic getting to your business huge to make money.

What you’ve learned above is the search engine traffic and email list traffic which are the sources of traffic are must to make money online. The list and wealthy affiliate program is below under my signature to join.

How much my list must be as plan for 5000 to 10000 subscribers and email them each day scheduled emails and build your list good. This is one traffic source. The other one build blogs as you do blogs and hire writers from Fiverr dot com to do blogs to you as per your instruction and post those blogs with your links to make commissions.

Do not post links in many places as one place it is good. Some writers of blogs as they do is post links in one blog and the other blog is link free. I do feel putting links under the signature it is good for me as I do deliver the good content to my readers.


To Conclude you have learned how to make money online immediately,  traffic and ways of traffic and mindset in the online money making business. I urge you to check some of my business links below my signature, and join to work in them, in order to begin your online money making journey today .

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3) Onpassive register free soon check email and login to pay one time Fee to be a Founder

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