Make 100 Dollars Day-Ways.

Make 100 Dollars Day

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post. In this blog post I am going to discuss to make 100 dollars day, business budgets and mindset and conclusion.

Make 100 Dollars Day

Making 100 dollars day which is 3000 dollars per month which is 36000 dollars per year as how to get it. You know money makes money and money some hard work makes money.

The first thing is there is a program I got involved by paying 1000 dollars and the name is called commission hero. It was good and a lot of Facebook rules to follow to pay them and advertise.

I did follow the rules and spend five hundred dollars in the advertising and did not earn anything. There are people who make money from the same concept as they put daily budget more and test their advertising for one week if a sale comes and then change it.

The advertising which is make them a sale or sales they would put more budget which is $20 to $30 per day which is multiplied by 30 days as that much money needed for advertising. Are you prepared for that journey as spend ad money and your profits as minus your advertising from the profits.

This is the game of that type of earning money as a lot of Facebook rules to learn as their community guidelines and advertising guidelines and spend money to test advertising before getting a sale and after that increase the advertising budgets hoping to make more sales.

The game is anticipation and many are doing that way.

The other way a lot of work involved as blogging as get a good program like below I give the link called wealthy affiliate. They teach you how to select a niche market of your interest and you need to stick to that niche only to do blogging. You will get a website and knowledge to how to write blogs.

The issue comes to select the correct keyword as one keyword for one post and the next post a new profitable keyword. There are two ways to get them as go to and get uberhost keyword tool and ask support they advise you as how to get keywords.

The other way is go to Fiverr dot com and type in profitable keywords and tell your niche market to the person and get keywords by paying them.

Now you will do blogs and do minimum 100 to benefit as you and I need to spend six months to do 100 blogs. The best thing is do hire a writer again from the Fiverr dot com and in a month spend 100 dollars to do ten blog posts plus you do some twenty blogs in a month

In the above way for six months you could reach 100 posts and for one year get some 150 posts and allow time for google to index you and rank you. Just keep in mind not all posts are indexed as that is okay no issue but some of them would be indexed.

You could ask questions if you need help to or wealthy affiliate support.

Business budgets and mindset

As the word says your and my business needs budgets each month to a year and plus before we do make any money. The next thing is working mindset as never quit until you make your dream to earn 100 per day or 36,000 dollars in a year.

If you are on a low budget go to the blogging part of the game or if you have more money then take the Facebook game and learn what I have told by joining the commission hero.


Therefore I conclude take the right path that you like as I am in the blogging path to my success. The below are my blog and other programs as support me and help me to join in one an all of them, thank you and wish you success.

Kind regards,


> Wealthy Affiliate join free and take premium membership to learn more and earn more

> Jaaxy keyword tool to do blogging

> List Lion email marketing to do list builder automated as join for 7 dollars and more upgrades inside

> Onpassive an informational products company just pay for being a Founder with one time fee and later ask them to be a customer with one time fee. After that allow six months or more to see your earnings automated.

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