Lamp With usb port and Outlet-Review

Lamp With usb port and Outlet-Review

Brand Name : LityMax Floor Lamp Table Combination with Wheel, End Table Lamp with USB Charging Port and Power Outlet, Bedside Table with Lamp, Sofa Side Table with Lamp Attached for Living Room, Bedroom, Gray Oak

Colors : Grey oak, black , and rustic

Material : Linen Fabric Shade, Solid Metal, MDF Board,

About this item : Floor Lamp End Table With Charging Station: The nightstand with lamp is built-in 5V 1A fast charging USB port and power outlet, so you can easily charge your phone, Bluetooth headset, tablet, power bank, kindle readers or plug in your computer, which brings great convenience to your life.

3 All In Three Designs: This floor lamp table combination is both an end table and floor lamp with storage shelves, also is your bedside device charge station

Durable And Quality Assurance: The floor lamp table is crafted with engineered wood and thick solid metal frame for lasting durability. 360-degree universal wheel to make the end table Unimpeded movement

Ratings : 5 star 67% and 4 star 9% which are good

My Review and Buy Button : 8.5 out of 10, Please check it and order carefully

Please note dear customer as I am an amazon affiliate and I request my customers to check it twice before ordering to avoid customer service issues as amazon customer service is good but to avoid them . I do order a lot and check good and by god’s grace do not deal with customer service of amazon.

Please check it carefully and submit your order button as you will be good.

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