Ideas Second Income For You

Ideas Second Income

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post. I am going to discuss on ideas second income, affiliate income idea, mindset and money and conclusion.

Ideas second income

Ideas second income could be various as do you like stocks trading, forex trading, betting to earn money, drop shipping or affiliate marketing.

Stock trading and Forex trading there is a risk of losing capital and there is an education on that to learn more. The risk bearing individual you or me is important as some trades are lost and some are won. There are some robots doing trading nowadays as try with small amount and see for yourself.

Betting money as some sites are there as you do google and again the risk as it is like a lottery you may win the bet or lose the bet.

Drop shipping as you open a shopify store, get affiliated to some company where they supply products to your customers. Then if you make a sale as you collect the payment and address of the customer and order the product and give the customer address for the company to send the product to the customer.

You could google drop shipping business and find them if you are interested to do that business model.

Affiliate marketing is the best, low risk as off course if you involve in the Facebook advertising in thousands as some do, but you and I low income guys cannot do Facebook advertising as need to have marketing budgets in $500 and $1000 to do advertise our business.

In the Facebook advertising some do make sales and pay the Facebook each day advertising budget. This again you need to have a person or program support to teach you as this is not easy and money must be there to do that type of advertising.

There are low end programs in the affiliate marketing as you and I need just $200 to $500 per month as to join the program to pay them each month their fee, tools to business fee, autoresponder fee and advertising fee etc. This is okay and one must have some money to do business and see my links in the signature to learn more and join.

Affiliate income idea

Let me talk on wealthy affiliate as this is a free to join program and take the premium highly recommended. This is to get a good your like business which is called a niche. For example, you want to promote apparels from Amazon as your niche website is Apparels and then you learn how to drive free traffic.

The free traffic you learn in the wealthy affiliate is called the search engine traffic. To get to that point to get good traffic as you and I need to do blogs regularly and never repeat the same keywords. To do keywords research as go to Fiverr to make your journey easy or take neilpatel dot com and take ubersuggest tool.

With the Ubersuggest tool you could enter the competitor website and get some keywords if you are new as I am guiding you or you do go to Fiverr dot com and type in ” seo profitable keywords ” and buy and tell that your niche as above example ” Apparel ” and tell you need keywords to do blogs.

Then you would be doing blogs as 3 per week minimum or more is good. Again you could hire a writer blog writer from the Fiverr dot com if you are tired or no time to you as I hope this helps you my friend.

So, the above skill if you do learn and over the time it is good to you. Do you know after one year and after having 100 blog posts that how much your website could earn ? This is going to be good and in few thousands if you did all well accordingly what you have learned in the above.

Mindset and money

As the word says have the mindset as in a business journey there may be issues to solve as ask people and many do quit doing blogs as they face the issues. I have helped you above with clear ideas and under my signature some good programs to join as help me too.


Therefore, what I have told you as select your business to do and you must have interest what business you are doing. You need wealthy affiliate as link below to do blogs and get training and copy what I have told you when you do face issues or if you join under me I could assist to guide you.

List lion and Onpassive are good programs to consider and join. I wish you success and have the good business for you and allow time six months to one year to grow your business and do not quit after two months as make a successful website takes time and getting traffic to it takes months to a year or more.

Kind Regards,


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