How To Earn Money Working From Home?

how to earn money working from home


Imagine friend for a moment the above picture money in your hand. This could be your earning money from your business or from a job. Just focus on by closing your eyes as having that money in your hand . This a visualization process as I do suggest you do each day followed by the path and engine where it takes to that path. The wealthy affiliate is that engine which I am going to explain in the below later. This engines takes to our destination with our choosen to work desires.

I would like to introduce myself as my name is Shahid , I am from Toronto in Canada, 59 years old and work from home to earn my living full time. My website is making money online and I do promote health and fitness products. Helping money is good feeling and making money too is a good feeling for any person let it be he or she. I wish you success and read more below.

how to earn money working from home?

I am just telling you on how to earn money working from home as the first advise is pack up and put it in the corner the job and salary taking mentality. If you love each week work and get paid this is not for you then honestly. If you like to be an entrepreneur then you do need money to finance your business for six months to an year, need a good program like wealthy affliate as link given below to join free to test it and join as premium, learn to select a niche as what you love to promote, make sure your niche pays you minimum 50% commissions, each month in your account to spend money for advertising say $200 for the next six months to one year. Are you ready friend, then join the wealthy affiliate free and become a premium as this is the only program available for many years to teach you and make you earn money with their step by step trainings. When said trainings please don’t rush as do it and practically do it and proceed slowly friends.

is the same as above an art of making money. Did you read the book called , “The Rich Dad and Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki ( sorry if spelt wrong ) . In this he explains the mindset of the poor dad work hours in life say 40 hours each week and get paid to lead the life to manage food and survival. Well my point is everyone goes through the job life as we are taught by our parents to do so and we learn what the other friends and family is doing. To get into business is all you need to have funds to manage your business for one year without expecting any return . Then you do need a vehicle like the wealthy affiliate as join free here and upgrade to premium soon to get numberous benefit and promote to help people around the world and earn fifty percent commissions.

After getting wealthy affiliate they will teach you first to select your niche as my niche is earn money from home online and health products from the click bank market place. Join click bank by typing in the google and get to promote their products if you like but first choose a niche and do not go in more than one niche one time. For example you can have health and fitness as one niche and I add make money because I do like wealthy affiiate program.

Apart from that the community in the wealthy affiliate is good and helping always. The courses a layman could understand as learn and implement what they teach you and do not rush as do it slowly as it takes time. Then comes your ability to write blogs and if you don’t like to then no problem as that is why outsourcing like Fiverr is there for you and me to pay and get blogs written for us an you do simply publish them with your affiliate link to get traffic and revenue as that is the main focus. To have interest in the niche what you like and have knowledge or develop that knowledge is said to be very important and that gives you interest in the content writing to your blog . I hope you do understand what I have said as join wealthy affiliate first free here and upgrade to premium and I also invite you to my health and fitness page to visit and see what you do like and order.

Kind regards and wish you success as this is honest way to explain to you, Shahid

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