How To Earn Money With Paypal?

How To Earn Money With Paypal?

Dear Friend good morning and welcome to my blog post. In this blog post I am going to talk as how to make money with PayPal and conclusion.

How To Earn Money With PayPal?

This is to get your money in commissions in the PayPal. My programs like the below in the signature wealthy affiliate and list lion do pay in commissions in the PayPal account. From your PayPal account you and I could transfer to our bank account as that is easy.

The question is how to earn commission in the programs that pay commissions in the PayPal. This is to make a sale or sales by you and me to earn that money.

To promote your products to get traffic is a must as there are various sources of traffic.

Let me talk about blog traffic from the search engines and the email traffic to promote your products to earn commissions from PayPal as my programs pay me in the PayPal my commissions and pay you if you join and promote them.

Blog traffic is first you need to join the wealthy affiliate free and take premium membership to learn more and earn more. Apart from that you need to take mongols keyword research and ask questions if you have or search in YouTube if you have special questions to succeed in getting the blog traffic.

First you need to select a niche meaning your interest to promote in the blog. If you like to promote wealthy affiliate then your niche is make money online niche. Then you would learn from the training s there and ask questions as how to do your blogs correctly.

For instance the keywords like make money online with some extension as done blog in that and never use the same or near keyword as this is called cannibalism meaning your keywords fight each other to rank and nothing ranks in the process. You and I need to avoid that to happen.

Also not al blogs are indexed by google and you and I need to do some blogs each week with altogether in different keywords not too competitive one’s as they are hard to rank in the google. Why this rank means if not ranked then people don’t see your and my blog post and you and I never get traffic and sales.

The basics of search engine optimization you would learn from the wealthy affiliate and for keywords research you see from it and see also YouTube to learn more.

I got a keyword tool from Mongol which gives keywords search, competitor website get keywords, and back links to my blog. I wasn’t sure about this back links and learned they are important for google to prove you have some authority and google like that to rank you.

You would learn more things like On page SEO as YouTube and learn as this is a journey and over a period you would become an expert. When you get traffic as you promote your links in your blogs for people to see like mine below my signature for you to see and join and likewise you do yourself for someone to join.

If people do join you and I will make commission as may be that program pays in PayPal or some other way.

Also to tell you a bit about email list building as this gives email traffic and very good for a marketer. Please see below my signature List Lion and join there.

Therefore, I wish you success and each day put some hours of work in your business to make money and get traffic to your offers as that is the bottom line.

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> Join wealthy affiliate free and take premium membership to learn more and earn more

> Join Mongols Keyword research tool and back links to your blog very important to rank in google

> Join List Lion for email marketing and build your list on auto pilot as this is low as seven dollars.

> Join Onpassive to earn automated income by doing nothing as all you need is to become a Founder and Customer with two one time fee only. After that you would earn in few months.

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