How To Earn Money Online For Teenagers

How To Earn Money Online For Teenagers
Dear Friends good morning and welcome to my blog post. In this blog I am going to discuss on how to earn money online for teenagers, funding a business as borrow money from parents, work in the business consistently to drive traffic, my recommended programs and conclusion.

How To Earn Money Online For Teenagers

Well good for teenagers looking to make money as I have passed that age and the only difficulty they have to fund their online business. Everyone needs some money to do business including myself before we make any money. I do suggest the youngsters to borrow some money or find some money to do business .

As a teenager you could be doing school or college and spend some hours if allowed or during week ends to make money. You need money to join the programs and join some paid traffic programs to drive traffic to your business including some free social media traffic.

Funding a business as borrow money from parents

A business needs some funds as to start with a minimum of $200 to $300 per month. In this funding you do pay for the program fees each month, the tools and some traffic you do buy. Apart from the traffic you buy you do free social media organic marketing in the Facebook etc.

As a student if you have some access to money then it is very good or ask your mom or dad as part-time you like to work in the online business and need some money each month. The budget could be $2500 to $3500 per year as figure out this how you could arrive to do marketing business online.

Work in the business consistently to drive traffic

Then after having funds to your business as you have solved one hurdle for you. The next thing is you need some good programs as initially one or two programs to join and promote to get customers and you make money. This just remember my new friend takes time for six months to one year to build your business.

You must allow time in your business to build and if you earn some quick money don’t be surprised as this is your hard work and get it to fund your business and grow it. The main part is to join the opportunity and get traffic to your links at a consistent basis.

My recommended programs

I do suggest you to join the Wealthy Affiliate and Onpassive programs. The wealthy affiliate is free to join to test it but you and I need to be in the premium membership which could cost around $50 per month or pay yearly to get some discounts.

In the wealthy affiliate they teach you how to select your liking business which is called a niche and then get a website and then learn as they teach how to do blogs and get traffic to your business. This search engine traffic is very important as it flows consistently if you do it good in the beginning.

My next recommended good opportunity is Onpassive as it is fully automated as no need to work here unless you wanted to but join with two one time fees. First you would join as a Founder for one time fee and then wait or ask support when to join as a customer with one time fee. That is it and you are on the earning path.

Allow six months in the Onpassive for the company to develop your business and give you earnings. If you have time and do get some customers you could be earning more money here. My links to the wealthy affiliate and the Onpassive is below my signatures to check it out and join.


To conclude as I said you are a teenager as get some funds as arrange from your parents or if you have some money find it to save and fund your business. Then your discipline each week few hours towards your business to drive traffic either by blogs, Facebook, or some paid advertising as always are good.

I wish you success and you will succeed if you follow the above advice.

Kind regards,


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