Entry Marketing Jobs Amazing

Entry Marketing Jobs

Dear Friend welcome to my blog post as my name is Shahid, 59 years old and I am from Toronto in Canada. I work from home few hours per day and enjoy doing it. In this post I will discuss entry marketing jobs in detail and urge you to consider my programs below my signature.

Entry Marketing Jobs

The word entry level is just starting up, to a medium level expert and a fully trained expert. Any newcomer is an entry level person to the marketing. I was an entry level person to the wealthy affiliate and doing my best and in the medium level before I do become an expert.

It is the guidance of the people, you’re learning interest and working hard in your entry level career of marketing. The marketing success is built on the formula that a website and traffic equal to success. Do you have a website as not yet as see below my signature and join the wealthy affiliate.

Many people think that without a website may I earn as I did by having an affiliate link to the offer to get paid, built a splash page linked to an autoresponder and my sequence of emails sent to the subscribers by purchasing solo advertising. I became tired as hundreds put in the solo advertising with no results.

But the marketers do say list building is good as I have joined a List lion which is again below my signature to build a list without solo advertising buying and minimize costs. The advantage of having a list is to send your affiliate offers and get traffic to them.

In the wealthy affiliate too you drive traffic based on the researched keywords and writing a content. In between the content or at the end you do promote your offers to monetize and get commissions to your offers. This is the way your websites are profitable and the rule is to be followed.

The rule of website content and affiliate links is 80 by 20 percent. This means your content is good for the 80 percent and promote your offer to 20 percent as just keep in the mind.

Also in the keywords while you do blogs is not to repeat the same keyword twice as it leads to cannibalism effect which means each of your blogs fight with each other without getting ranked. This repetition of the keyword to be avoided as you are an entry level expert and keep this in mind.

What else folks little funding to your business each month as a budget for an entry level marketer say $200 to $400 per month is good which cover program costs, tools as at times you get some keywords tool outside and pay for those who do blogging to you by hiring a writer from the Fiverr dot com etc.

Therefore, I do recommend that the wealthy affiliate and list lion programs are good for the beginner. Apart from joining the programs make sure you have business budgets money each month. Also, you do have set of times each day few hours to work in your business until you make it successful.

Get help from the people, if stuck see YouTube video as you get a lot of answers to your questions and ask the community of wealthy affiliate etc. I wish you success and see my programs below and appreciate if you join in them.

Kind regards,


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