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Earn Money Online Advertising

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post,”Earn Money Online Advertising”. I will talk about the earn money online advertising, organic search advertising such as blogs and Facebook organic, Free advertising, Paid advertising.

Earn money online advertising

Online advertising is of two types 1) Free and, 2) Paid.

The purpose of online advertising is to get hits to our affiliate websites and if someone likes and buys it than it is simple as you and I do make or earn commissions. This is the way to earn money from the online advertising.

There are many ways to advertise as I do Blogs, Facebook Organic Posts sometimes, do email advertising, and do surf traffic exchanges display advertising. I like doing blogs as I have learned this skill from the Wealthy Affiliate as you could join free as the link is below my signature.

Email List people get it and it works as you let me know and I am sure we all see emails few times in a day. So having a good amount of subscribers list and do a scheduled post for one week as you get hits when someone opens and clicks your advertised programs and if they buy than you do earn commissions.

Organic search advertising such as blogs and Facebook organic

As it was mentioned do the organic search engine advertising by doing blogs which you would learn from a, b, and c from the below under my signature join free wealthy affiliate program to test it out, but don’t remain free as you have to take their 2 types of premium membership to learn more to earn more.

Facebook is you add friends daily and make it until you have nearly 5000 friends. Do Post on your Facebook and story section. Also, it is good spend one hour a day to like posts of your friends and they would spend time when you post and if they like it they would join in your business.

Free advertising

As the word is free I do spend one hour a day to use traffic exchanges to do display advertising as I do see some people’s sites and they see my website/s. This way I develop hits to my websites and if someone joins than I would earn a commission.

Paid advertising

There are so many paid advertising methods as I do at times advertising paid in the solo advertising and my landing page linked to my automated emails which do deliver my programs offers to my opt in list of subscribers. There is Facebook advertising too in paid, but it is a specialized talent as you need to have a person to teach you else your Facebook account would become restricted or closed.

Conclusion Thoughts

Finally the advertising whether free as spend time there and paid as spend money there as per your budgets as do it regularly. The purpose is to make people see your website’s more and get a sale or two to earn commissions. My programs what I do is right below the signature to join in one or all of them recommended.

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Earn money online advertising

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