Can I Make Extra Money Online?

Can I Make Extra Money Online?

Dear Friend Good Morning and welcome to my blog post and by the way my name is Shahid, 59 years old from Toronto in Canada and work from home most of the time. Let us discuss can I make extra money online, what is required in that journey, visualization of your business daily, my programs to join, and conclusion.

Can I Make Extra Money Online?

There are lot of people do make money from the home and you too could make. There are different careers to say can I make extra money online as for example stock trading and Forex trading some do, so do play poker online and earn, and what I do is Affiliate Marketing to make extra money online or more.

What is required in that journey

This is very important as what is required in the journey as you need to have interest positive to work in your business and do not quit when faced with hardships and instead solve hardships to continue. Have some money in the business and daily spend few hours in your business.

The money in the business before you make money for the first six months to one year you need. This could be the program fees to pay each month, pay your advertising costs, and some other expenses in your business like a website and email autoresponder etc.

Have this money budget in your business for the period of six months to one year and when you do earn then revenue keeps rolling in your business.

Visualization of your business daily

Visualize your business and imagine the green one hundred dollar bills in your pocket coming to you in the bundles each year or period of time. Do this visualization exercise and this gives you energy and positively to work in your business hard and achieve your goals to earn this much money each money. Again for the first six months you and I cannot make much money as take this period as a business building period.

My programs to join 

I am in the Wealthy Affiliate as the link is below and join free and become a premium member soon. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool a must in doing blogs as get free if you take premium of wealthy affiliate or buy separately as the link is below.

List lion is an email marketing and list building program as join in the below link and email your offers to your list. Onpassive is an information products making company a big giant like Amazon and pays to those who are its Founders and Customers both with one time two payments and do nothing to make money.


Therefore in the world of reality to do business one must have time, spend time in the business without quitting and face hardships and overcome in the business building stage. It is better to have a mentor to guide a newcomer. Have some money to your business financing and build your business.

Do build your business for the first six months by working hard and hope after that you may see income do come in your way. I wish you success and good work habits in your business as work daily positively. Also, read positive mind books that may help.

Kind Regards,


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