Affiliate Marketing Blog Ideas Good

Affiliate Marketing Blog Ideas

Dear Friend good morning and please do welcome to my blog post. In this post I will discuss in detail about the affiliate marketing blog ideas, difficulties in finding the keyword’s, where to get your blog set up, time needed for your seo to get traffic, and conclusion.

Affiliate marketing blog ideas

Doing a blog seems to be easy, but that is not easy at all. If you follow the tips then you could be doing it fine and don’t get too much anxious as this journey each day takes your time and my time to have a successful website done with blogs takes one year and plus time to reap the benefits of traffic and some income.

The first very thing is you and I need a website word press as this you could find in the wealthy affiliate as you could join free and premium is highly recommended. After having as website you need to have some education as this is limited in free membership in the wealthy affiliate and take premium to get more education .

So, you have a website and education as learn from the education each day one chapter and implement as you do go. You do face some difficulties as ask in the chat in the wealthy affiliate or send support ticket to help you as most people do help you.

Difficulties in finding the keyword’s

The most difficult task is finding the keyword’s as you do go to you tube and search a video how to find keyword’s for my seo blog. Then you get good information as you go to google ad words from your gmail account login and see keyword’s planner.

In the keyword’s planner you do put a competitor website as you google make money online and see any competitor website there and take that website and put in the google ad words keyword planner and get competitor keyword’s and down load it.

Then you go to neilpatel dot com and get his Uberhost as it does the same like competitor website keyword’s and gives you score of search difficulty as this should be lowered to rank in the search engines. You could email their support and they advise you too.

Now you have the keyword’s and select them and make a list to do blogs. Save the keyword’s you have researched which may take one to two days time and do your blogging.

Another way to get keyword’s is from the Fiverr dot com as go there and login and type in ” seo profitable keyword’s” and get some vendors for you. Tell the vendor your niche market site like your site is about money making or health as tell him to give profitable keyword’s different from each other.

Then they charge you some money as pay them and give your email address or see your email if they could email you in one or two day. For a reasonable price you may get 50 keyword’s as this is good for you to do 50 blogs and easy way as I do inform you and you are lucky to see this blog.

Where to get your blog set up

I suggest you see below my signature and join the wealthy affiliate free and take premium recommended having your website, select the niche as they teach you, and do the blogs with the keyword’s.

Do not mistake Alpha soup as you do it for one keyword and never repeat the same keyword in your blogs as that is dangerous and gives cannibalism effect as your blogs fight with each other and do not rank in the google. This is I have learned the hard way and you are lucky to be here to know this fact.

Time needed for your seo to get traffic

The time frame needed for your blogs to be indexed, get ranked to get google traffic and results could take anywhere from one year to one and half year. Anyway for the first year or six months depends on your site you could be planning to do more than 100 blogs in very rich and different keyword’s to your niche website.

Allow time to remain in your search engine tasks and not all blogs are indexed and have positive mind and hope in your hard work you will get rewarded. Allow the time as I said and keep doing your hard work with a positive mind as your and my own goal is to have more than 100 blogs of quality in one year time.

I do suggest you to outsource your writing by paying in the Fiverr dot com as I do many times and I do writing to my blog posts. The target key is 100 blogs in six months time right and you are lucky to get my points today .


Therefore your journey to blogging become and to my anxious friends do not get nervous as it is a journey to begin and could last for one year. To relax your nervousness oh my god I need to do this many blogs as I do suggest you do hire a writer from the fiverr dot com and give instructions to do blogs to you with the keyword’s researched by you given to them.

I wish you success and I do request you to see my offers below my signature to help me by joining in my programs and god bless you.

Kind regards,


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